Octave feat. Kagamine Len



Special Thanks,

英詞:Electrical Raichu

Every day I catch the same old train
Every day it’s the same noises that I hear
Only the weather ever gets to change for the better
All I do is just use up my life
It’s kinda boring, wavering between mi and re,
tension goes nowhere, I’ll leave it behind
and shift my sight from mi to fa
so yesterday’s me can never catch up
So I’ll tie my shoelaces and take off!
I’ll race along a new and different set of stairs
Surely there I’ll find something new and wonderful
just waiting there for me to go look for
Beyond that hill does a bright new world unfold?
Probably not, you know,
but has the music my earphones make,
yes make for me ever felt so good?
So I’ll set my sight on a world an octave above
I’ve never had the courage to open the door
That version of me I’ll leave behind
I’ll make sure I hold the handrail firmly
so yesterday’s me will never catch up
So how ‘bout I jump in, don’t bother to knock!
I’ll try go through a new and different doorway
Surely there I’ll find the way to a future
new and wonderful that I’ve never seen before
Hey shall I start walking?
Is there a door that leads to an ideal world somewhere
Probably not you know but from the music my earphones make
from the words that I hear I get strength for my journey
So I’ll set my sight on a me that’s an octave above
Thanks for lis’ning to me today
‘cause I’m determined to see it through
I want to live my life in this world
so this is my song, a song meant for me